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Important Factors you should know about Index Services
15.07.2017 12:44

Index Services - Indices are the experts in calculating, maintaining, designing and transmitting favorable indices all around the world. They will help the customers to unlatch their potential. Our equity index group is dedicated to client success, and they can accommodate different arrangement which suits your business requirements. We have developed extensive relationship with a huge range of data providers, asset managers around the world allowing us to deliver innovative and flexible custom Index services solutions to our customers.

We design and give out today’s most related indexes and guiding principles to aid our clients accurately to trace our performance and investment policies in the changing market. Our experienced team works with the proven methodologies all around industries and the market data vendors to calculate, maintain, design and telecast real-market index settlements. From initial discussion to ongoing maintenance, we offer great end-to-end indexing arrangements designed to meet investment strategies.

Our Index Services:

Our index program and index professionals can compute schedules using sophisticated and complex methodologies. By outsourcing the broadcasting, maintenance, and calculation of your measures, you can well focus on any other core field of your organization, thereby saving time, resources and capital. Smart Beta is the unique index team can also offer you with freedom, added security and objectivity you need for maintenance and developments.

Most of the clients also look our services to inscribe regulatory requirements, specifically when establishing indexed investments things. Using the custom Index Services, you can translate your particular investment plans across many asset classes into investable schedules. You have to avoid in-house indexing program that saves you lot of time and resources. We offer real-time computation of IOPV/iNAV for the purpose of exchange-traded things.

Our team has a huge number of experiences in calculating IOPVs/iNAVs for all kinds of ETPs, fixed income, covering equities, leveraged/inverse funds, ETP holding commodities and note-based structures, options, swaps, and futures. Each calculated data point is distributed throughout the trading day to vendors and market participants. Global Equity Index are very ideal for benchmarking needs that allow you to examine and compare developed and select frontier market at differing levels of granularity.

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